A few days with iOS 7

tl;dr – I like it; looking forward to the GM.

So, like every other iPhone user, I was *very* curious about iOS 7. As a developer, even more so. (Particularly, was I going to have to scramble to get my app working again under iOS 7?)

So I took my backup and installed it. First impression is that it feels ever so much lighter, psychologically, than iOS 6. The “flattening” of the interface greatly enhances the experience; Microsoft was right on the money with that one. My experiences with Windows 8 only make me wish they could have committed even harder to it and gotten rid of the desktop altogether – but I digress.

Some bugs, as expected, and I’ll be filing radars about them. In general, working pretty well, but there are a few showstoppers for me in this beta related to my day job. If it were not for those, I’d stick with it. Even with the crashes and hiccups, it’s that much of an improvement.

My app does continue to work, and I’ve now, I think, spotted the problem that’s causing it to drop and resume streaming, so that was a benefit.

Today I DFU my phone and return it to iOS 6 so I have a dependable device again, but it’s definitely a wrench. I’d much rather stay in the brighter, smoother, lighter world of iOS 7.

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