About me


I have a long history – 34 years now! – as a programmer now (see my Programming page for a more detailed overview), and am now a senior software engineer at WhiteHat Security. My current project there is setting up a performance testing cluster for WhiteHat’s Sentinel product; everything from the ground up, including coming up with the hardware configuration, working out the needed tools, and designing the automation and reporting. My largest project yet, and very exciting.


I write, record and perform music deriving from many forms – jazz, “classical” electronic music, ambient music, and Indonesian gamelan, with influences from a wide variety of artists: Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa, Wendy Carlos, Pat Metheny, Brian Eno, John Cage – lyrical pieces with unique timbres and harmonies.

My esthetic could be best summarized as exploring the fractal edge of planning and coincidence. I like to assemble a situation in which I’ve got the basic outline of things under control, but then either improvise inside them, or allow the situation to unfold on its own, letting the uncontrolled and unplanned portions inspire and surprise me, both in my music and my photography.

I have two albums available for download from Earth Mantra, and am working on releasing several others on Suborbital Records.


I am a strong believer in “the best camera is the one that’s with you”, so I’ve been working over the past couple years to really learn to use my iPhone as my primary camera. I find the quirkiness of the sensor response interesting, especially in low-light situations. I’ve been using Hipstamatic, Camera Awesome, and the built-in Camera app for most of my shooting, with an occasional side trip to Pano for panoramas or fake large-format shots. I like the option to show whenever I like, since I’m always carrying my phone.

I have a few pieces up on Deviant Art, and am planning to add more.

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