Best Buy and appliances: avoid

If this had not actually happened to me I would say it had to be made up, but this is a precise report of exactly how badly Best Buy managed to handle a recent attempt to purchase a new washer and dryer.

I spent quite a lot of time researching and finally picked out a washer and dryer for my new place. I did make a mistake as far as size; the units I picked would have fit, but they didn’t leave enough clearance on either side. So I’ll own up to that.

Delivery was on July 19th. Install crew number 1 removed the old washer/dryer combo (side note: if they do not install the new unit do not let them take the old one). They looked at the taps and said, “oh, hey, those look like they might be leaking, you need to get that checked. We can’t install this.” So I am left with no working washer and dryer, and the new ones in the middle of my floor. I get the plumber in, he looks and says, “yep, those need tightening up”. He fixed them, did a pressure test, all good.

I call Best Buy, they can’t get anyone out for a week. Washer and dryer in the middle of the living room.

Second install crew comes, says, “oh, you didn’t buy the installation stuff from Best Buy, we can’t install this”. Despite the fact that the stuff in question was identical to the Best Buy materials. They refused to install it even with my parts if I said fine, I don’t care, I just want working appliances. Nope. They measured and said “It’ll stick out about 3 inches, is that OK?” Fine by me if I can wash my clothes. Washer and dryer still in the living room. I’m starting to think of them as an art piece by this point.

I go to Best Buy and buy the parts they say I need. Three more days before install crew 3 comes out.

Install crew three arrives. “Oh, we can’t install this, it won’t fit.”

I am at this point rendered speechless. I call dispatch and tell them, “you have two guys and a truck here who refuse to install the appliances. Fuck this. I want them gone, now.”

“We can’t do that. We’ll have to send another crew.”

At this point it was lucky I was unarmed. Another two days, crew #4 shows up and takes them away. I call dispatch, who assures me that they’ll do a refund as soon as they appliances get back to dispatch.

It’s August 1st now, in case you’re counting.

I get the return letter on Saturday, and figure it’ll take till Monday. So I wait. Monday, no refund. Tuesday, no refund.

I call.

“You’ll have to go to the store where you purchased the item to finish the return.”

I bought it on the Internet, so I didn’t buy it in a store.

Still have to go to the Santana Row Best Buy to get my refund.

Amazon, those guys are not.

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