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My interests cover a lot of ground in a lot of areas, and I’ve created a number of online resources to give back to the Universe at large for the good luck and happiness I’ve been given. Here’s some of my interests, along with pointers to downloads and other information:



My various public Perl modules.


My writeups and comments on Perlmonks. (I don’t participate there anymore: see this page and this page for why.) journal (ave atque vale!) and blog

My Perl-related blogging activities. Mostly idle at the moment. (Too much Python and Ruby!)


StillStream Radio

My first, 5-star-rated, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app.

Role-playing software with a sense of humor. In limbo at the moment, but the app’s pretty much ready for a 0.1, anyway…


Different Skies 2007 promo materials and CD, and other CD packaging at Behance

Posters, CD design, and audio editing/mastering.


The EMUSIC-L archive and blog

EMUSIC-L and its partner list, SYNTH-L ran on BITNET in the early days of the Internet. Still a useful cache of information on older electronic music topics, and a rare historic document of the period. I blog here on topics more or less related to EMUSIC-L in its heyday. Not much happening there right now.

On iTunes

Shatterday, in the only format in which you can still purchase it..

On Earth Mantra

Ocean Music, an ambient album with a classic electronic music twist.
3AM, a late-night meditation with piano and electronics.

on NTNS Netlabel

Gamelan Collider, a deep electronic minimalist exploration of 130 gamelan samples via Forester.

on SoundCloud

A number of tracks submitted to the Disquiet Junto, including Red Slash, a tribute to 1950’s tape manipulation, and Ligeti Voyage, an exercise in extreme digital manipulation which took an art song and transformed it into a huge women’s chorus with organ accompaniment (faved by Warren Ellis, holy crap!)

on Aural Films

Fog Music 39: Imaginary Seascape #1, a piece for processed foghorns, ship’s bell, wooden sailboat, and gulls.

on Bandcamp

emblem, an all-Scape album

Big Sur, a collection of field recordings

Decoherence, a study in extreme processing. The original was a short recording of my acoustic piano, done on the spur of the moment with a Zoom H2 recorder. I took this sonically-so-so recording, stretched it with Paulstretch, and then subjected it to extreme spectral and granular processing, then edited the results together to make the final track, a ghostly, slowly-fragmenting semblance of the original.

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