Laundry part 3: solved

University Electric came through like champs. I found a 24″ GE unitized washer-dryer that would fit and that had generally positive reviews, checked that they were a GE dealer, called them up on last Tuesday, and asked if they could get it for me. “Yes. Saturday.” Well then. That’s faster than I expected. They called me Friday to let me know that yes, I was on the schedule 8-11 AM tomorrow. They arrived at 8:30, and they were done and I was taking care of the queued laundry by 9:30.

All in all a very satisfactory experience; I do recommend that you figure out what you want yourself, though –  the last-year’s Bosch that they had would have been fine, I’m sure, but the reviews were too up-and-down for me to feel comfortable spending almost $700 more than I would have for the original full-size pair I tried to get in here. I was also a bit doubtful about getting service.

The new machine is a 2.0 cu. ft. washer/4.0 cu ft. dryer, so it’s not large, but neither is it hideously small. Seems to do a fine job both washing and drying. It has a 240V vented dryer, so it can actually manage to dry the clothes, getting around the problem that people were complaining about the non-vented and 120V dryers. Doing a good job so far; I’ll wait for a few months’ experience before I try to rate it.


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