What’s on the fire: update

The sound design for the Rachel Rising project, a multimedia presentation of a song cycle as poetry, video, and music. This project had been stalled for some time, as I was trying to figure out how to get the effect I wanted for an installation; I think I’ve finally got a couple of good ideas that revolve around having the internals of the Scape app to build a custom set of soundscapes from my own samples and visuals. More on that in the Scape posts to come.Jamming as part of Shojo Blue – Shojo Blue kind of fell apart, as we were only three people, our guitarist left, and then I was overwhelmed by work. Greg Hurley has moved into his house as of last weekend, so perhaps we’ll start working on a Western Skies sometime soon.

Considering whether the StillStream iOS app needs an iPad-specific version, and looking over the new interfaces in iOS 6. The Facebook API looks interesting, and it’s probably time to convert to storyboards and ARC. Given more recent reports of hiccups and hangs, I think I’m going to have to move forward at least to iOS 5, and I should probably go to 6 (perhaps as StillStream Radio Plus, re-releasing the old app as StillStream Radio Classic).

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